Mission Statement


    The Mission of the Western Medical Department is to educate the public about the Medical role of individuals in the Civil War.  The unit uses battle re-enactments, living history displays, written reports and lectures to convey the roles of these individuals during the war.


    We are a Civil War Re-enactment group.  The unit was originally formed for individuals that cannot or do not want to participate in extensive marching or other exhaustive physical exercise that might have precluded them from participating in Civil War re-enacting. The participation level is self-regulated to the individual’s abilities.  No one likes to admit that they're too old, too young or too physically challenged to participate in their favorite hobbies or activities. That's why this unit has been proposed as a means of giving every re-enactor a chance to participate.  It will also give people who thought they were excluded from historical re-enactments because of physical infirmities or age, an opportunity to become involved.


    Membership and participation is open to everyone without regard to race, religion, creed, sex, age, physical disability and political affiliation.  We also have a Youth and Ladies group that participates with our unit.


We do not support, nor will we tolerate any supremacist, racist or "hate groups".




All of our associated Units and Society’s always need additional manpower.   We are a family oriented group so all of your family is welcome to join.  Experience as Doctor, EMT, Nurse or Military Corpsman is desirable, but not necessary. If you or someone you know are interested in becoming a member of the Unit, please contact:


Col. Bernie Cooper      (918) 357-2590      bcooper@valornet.com

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