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The Department of the West Medical Group is a Civil War Reenactment Organization.† We are a living history group portraying the history and Medical aspects of a Field Hospital in the Civil War. †††These pages are dedicated to the men and Women of the Medical Service who served with the Confederate Army through out the Civil War. Their unrelenting dedication to duty and service saved thousand of Americanís lives.

Battle FlagText Box: The Trans-Mississippi Medical Corps includes:

Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
Texas,  Arkansas,  Missouri,  Louisiana, New Mexico,  Arizona and all areas west of the Mississippi River.
TM Blue FlagTM Yellow Flag

Department of the West

C. S. Medical Department

U. S. Medical Department


Medical Corps, CSA


Medical Corps, CSA

Text Box: The Tennessee Medical Corps


Galvanizing as:


VII Medical Corps, USA

Department of Arkansas

and Indian Territory


VIII Medical Corps, USA†

Department of the Cumberland

and Tennessee†